Long term love affair with Joe and the Juice

It hit me (Nahla) the other day, that Ify and I have had a long term love affair with Joe and the Juice. 

About two years ago (maybe a year a half, my mind is foggy), Ify and I were tired of always hitting up restaurants, where we’d eat until we were bloated. Kinda feel gross just talking about it.

During this particular moment in our lives, we were losing weight, eating healthily and we were walking more than stuffing our faces.

After searching the net for a juice bar where we could chat and sit, eat without feeling guilty and sip something green and mean,  we stumbled across Joe and the Juice and it became our hotspot for a fair few months.


What’s great about Joe and the Juice is their varied menu. I think I’ve tried most of the juices on the menu but I can’t stick to ONE as my favourite.

For quite a while, I was in love with one juice called the Arthaway but I suspect that they’ve taken that off of the menu 😦

A few weeks ago, after gruelling workouts, Ify and I met up at Regent’s Street, London and got ourselves a feast!.

I got a flat white, a “Sex me up” and a “Tunacado: and if I remember correctly, Ify got a Joe’s Green Mile and a turkey panini. We practically spent the day there because the music was that amazing.


Sex Me Up: Passion fruit, ginger + apple

Joe’s Green Mile : Broccoli, spinach, avocado, lemon + apple

I have taken many friends who both love and hate juice but somehow Joe and the Juice offers them something. The coffee is great, and lovingly made. The panini’s are packed with ingredients – my fave is a tunacado: hybrid between tuna and avocado and I suspect theres red onions and some dill in the tuna mix.

I don’t think I can rave about this place as much as I’d like. It’s quickly pressed juice and ready for anyone on the go.

Pros: great ingredients, great juice recipes and sizes. Music you can dance to and a buzzing environment.

Cons: Music can get a bit too loud at times but only bothers me when I have no more energy. Also, they always get my name wrong but then again, so does Starbucks 🙂

We ❤ you Joe and the Juice, we salute you juice-fiends.

To many more juices,



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