I used to be a Fitbit tyrant. Call me Tyrion Fitbit Lannister

If you haven’t noticed yet, here at IDWTBFA, we’re a couple of storytellers. This one is a funny one for me. 

Shout out to the Fitbitches aka the FitBit Squad!:

  • Aline (check out her amazing, awesome blog, Nouchaline),
  • Ify (other half of IDWTBFA)
  • and Shahine (my arch nemesis/ex-wife). 

To set the scene, here’s a pic Ify prepared to summarise our Fitbit life: 


Shout out to Phil Mitchell. Kudos to you if you know who he is. 

Around 2015, the girls and I decided to motivate ourselves and form a health + fitness motivational group. Only problem was, Shahine and Aline both live in Lebanon and Ify and I are here in London. 

After finding that we all could use Fitbit to track and motivate each other, setting up Fitbit challenges was a no-brainer! I love walking and I love challenges. I thought bring it on. 

Typically we would set up weekday and weekend challenges so it would force us to get up and get moving. 

What was great about Fitbit was that if I opened up the challenge and saw Aline, Shahine or Ify pushing themselves, it would force me to get up and go for a walk. No excuses.


Sometimes, it’s the little things that motivate us

I would motivate everyone by the beginning of the challenge but for some reason my Fitbit was temperamental. It would only ever update every second or after a day. So, my steps bar would shoot up and the girls would side eye me. It was all fun an games. 

One challenge that particularly comes to mind was when Aline was first and I hadn’t updated my Fitbit for two days. Ify, chief instigator, rallied the troops to take part in a hate rally against me. The girls were sick of me taking gold but I wasn’t doing it on purpose. 


I WAS doing it on purpose 🙂 


So, low and behold, just a few minutes before the challenge ended, my Fitbit updated.

I was in the lead.

The troops were not happy with Nahla Tyrion Fitbit Lannister.


What’s great about all this, is that we all got up to do something and even though they ganged up on me, I laugh every time I use my Fitbit. It makes it fun to be part of something with all your friends. 

Sometimes, you should relax, laugh and take the piss out of yourselves when you’re working out. That year, I lost the most amount of weight and was the happiest I had been. The whole point of this post is to remind you that sometimes you shouldn’t do things on your own and that in this day and age, you can connect with millions of people, who might be going through the same things you’re going through. 

Fitbittin’ on these hoes, 


P.S. This post was also an attempt to finally admit the truth and rub in their Fitbit hatin’ faces. Love you guys 🙂 


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