Hormonal imbalances

I’m hormonal, I’m stressed but not what you’re thinking.

More stressed than these eggs.


Courtesy of Flickr: Bernard Goldbach “Cracking under stress”

I actually mean in the sense that my hormones are ‘all over the place’ and normal bodily functions do not happen with ease. Sleep no longer equates to rest. Exercise doesn’t produce the same effects it used to (but it’s still awesome) and multivitamins do ZILCH. Yes, I said it. I’ve tried every sort of multivitamin and I used to take them religiously.


Courtesy of Flickr: Jamie “Pills”

If anyone out here has any recommendations, then I’m all ears!

To add to this, I think the primary reason for my hormonal imbalance is directly connected to the calorific-deficient foods I’ve consumed and that I’m possibly iron-deficient.

After a chat with my aunty Ruby, I was reminded that I was always full of energy when my food was energy-dense and I don’t mean donuts. I could fill my plates to the moon full or greens, oranges, reds and blues and never feel tired. My body was pleased. However, for the past few days I’ve chomped down on a lot of unnecessary animal products and refined carbs.

To be honest with you, this is a pretty low point BUT I WILL ALWAYS PUSH FORWARD. NEVER BACKWARDS. 

I thought this would be a great post to write for anyone out there who suffers from these specific issues but can’t seem to pinpoint what’s going on exactly.

So give me the mic Barack, I’m about to drop some truth (yes, I’m still grieving).


Courtesy of Flickr: Cameron Collins “Barack Obama”

If you feel:

  • Tired, that is rarely relieved by rest
  • Unable to cope with stress
  • A feeling of tiredness behind the eyes
  • Mood swings
  • General weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive weight gain or weight loss
  • Cravings
  • Dry skin
  • Headaches
  • Irregular periods
  • Deficient immunity

Well, then you may also be suffering from dietary deficiencies, that have in effect caused hormonal imbalances in your body. Do not lose hope.

There are solutions: 

  1. Identify moments in your life where you have NOT felt like this. Were you exercising more?  Were you taking 10 minutes out of your day for you? Whatever it is, revisit it!
  2. Catalogue what you are eating during the week. This will help you identify which foods, vitamins and minerals you are neglecting. I personally found I was deficient in vitamin b12 and iron. This is not unheard of and actually is easily treated. 
  3. Begin consuming healthy fats such as coconut oil and avocado. These are nutritionally dense and that’s what we’re looking for.
  4. Eliminate negativity. Be that people, your approach to things, social media, shows. Just simply get rid of them. As humans, we create negative habits that become part of our normal routine. Eliminating these parts will seem difficult but we believe you can do it.
  5. Avoid animal dairy products. Cow milk is riddled with hormones that were never intended for us, they were intended for young calves. If you think of milk in this way, you’ll begin to understand how strange it is that we drink something that was never intended for us.
  6. Lastly, if you feel that these approaches have no helped then I suggest seeking medical attention. Our bodies are intuitive and smart things. What you may seem to brush off may be your body trying to tell you something. However, this doesn’t mean you have to seek traditional Western medicine. There are many options for us out there so choose the best decision that sits well with you. 

Live long and prosper,

You lovely beans,



2 thoughts on “Hormonal imbalances

  1. tryingtobeglutendairyfree says:

    It’s amazing what a little change in your diet can do… I’m without dairy, it impact on my body was massive!!


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