Calling all vegans, embrace me!

Repost from: 12/01/2016

Ahhh, ageing! Isn’t it wonderful. 


Courtesy of Flickr: James Bulley “Old woman”

You become wiser, more organised and of course, more riddled with ailments because you were a reckless, sour-sweets, refined-carb, knee-bashing, dancing, monster. Joy!


Now, it catching up to me. The weight. The low immunity. The creaky knees. The sore back.

The “urgh”‘s.


Courtesy of Flickr: mrdoodman “Weight of the weightless”

As I was guzzling a coffee (barley coffee – still trying!), I was talking to a close friend about the lack of energy I had. Not just the lack of energy physically, but mentally.

I’ve realised that my body is so sensitive. If I drink cow’s milk, my mood changes, my skin is “urgh”, my digestion is abnormal. Same with eggs, meat, caffeine. The list goes on. I’ve just come to a point where I want to experience what it’s like to have energy again.

Boy, wouldn’t that be great.

So, I need your help.


Courtesy of Flickr: Quinn Dombrowski “Help”

I want to transition my lifestyle so I live longer and treat this body right. More specifically, I want to only consume what I feel is right for my body. In my opinion, I think that can only be plant based diet. (Side note: with age, I’m becoming more and more guilty when I consume animal-based anythings, it’s just not sitting how it used to).

Here comes the help bit. I’m not sure really where to start and I thought: “hey, someone might be reading this, who was once in the same position and might want to help”.

Ask and you shall receive.

Does anyone out there have an advice, tips and tricks to help me on my new pursuit. You might be helping me add a few more years to my life, no pressure.

With so much love, 





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