Which one are you?:I’m the one with the mighty death grip on Ify’s shoulder, the other-half of the IDWTBFA team, on the right (I have bony hands, it’s the only bony thing I have right now).

What inspired you to blog about your experience? After countless + endless conversations as to how unhappy I was with self image, my weight, my overall health (including mind and spirit) and discipline, Ify and I partnered up to finally spin our problem on its head. We wanted to begin loving ourselves without forsaking our humour. Losing weight can be funny and we as young women shouldn’t shy away from the funnier side of life.

Every health post I see scattered across the internet is either super sad and baked-bean bloated or super contoured and chiseled. I couldn’t identify myself with what I wanted because I was relying on the rest of the world to tell me. I thought me laughing my way through the weight loss was wrong. But jokes on you, it’s hilarious. Where’s the mid-weight loss jiggle smile? I wanted to see more, so that’s what I’m going to do.

What is IDWTBFA for you? The “I don’t want to be fat anymore” blog is a comedic look on our experience during our very different weight loss journeys and we’d love nothing more than for you to join us!



Which one are you?:You can guess which one I am in the photo by the process of elimination (the one being held captive by Nahla!)

What inspired you to blog about your experience? Honestly? I’m fed up! Fed up of being unhappy with my size. Fed up of looking in the mirror and seeing somebody I don’t recognise. Fed up of limiting myself and deciding what I can and can’t do because of my weight.

Most of the weightloss blogs I come across are great and inspirational but what Nahla and I want to show is that, as with a lot of things in life, there’s a funny side to weightloss. I want to bring people along with me on this journey, whether it be in Niketown trying to buy running trainers and falling flat on my face after tripping over a mannequin or in Joe and the Juice getting my juice and dance on simultaneously while giving the guy at the till the eye.